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21 Quintessential Wedding Songs

We might be a little biased in thinking this, but music is an art form that touches people like no other. It truly transcends barriers of age, culture, time and place. Almost everyone experiences an incredibly powerful emotional connection to music. Hearing just one second of a certain song is enough to bring someone to tears, send shivers down the spine or bring a smile to the face - perhaps all three! Over the years a number of songs have earned the reputation of being wedding classics. You might like some, you might loathe some, but chances are you have some positive memories attached to a few of these (unless you are right old grump!) So, without further ado here's our list of top wedding tracks.

Aerosmith - I don't Want To Miss A Thing

Released in 1997, this power ballad will have everyone singing along and waving lighters in the air. Poignant lyrics for the occasion, too.

Stevie Wonder - As

A true classic from Stevie Wonder. It has really stood the test of time and remains a popular choice almost forty years after its original release.

Jack Johnson - Better Together

Something of a modern classic. This song is already ten years old believe it or not!

Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Many have covered this classic, but in my opinion the King Of Rock And Roll did it best!

Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Another that many have tried to imitate. None hold a candle to Frankie Valli's beautiful original.

Michael Bublé - Everything

This divides opinion, but there's no denying that it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life

A real tear jerker. This song from Bright Eyes holds a special place in a lot of people's hearts.

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

A bit of Frank Sinatra never fails to get the older guests onto the dance floor. A great song in it's own right.

Luther Vandross - Here And Now

Luther sings with such passion, you can't be help but me moved by his music.

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

Released in 2003, this song by Alicia Keys is an ever popular choice on the wedding playlist.

The Beatles - In My Life

Do we really need to say anything about The Beatles? Musically and lyrically, this is perfection.

Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are

If wedding vowels were expressed in song, this would be it.

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Al's timeless voice and heartfelt lyrics make this song a real pleasure to play.

Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E

Fifty years ago to the day, Nat King Cole was in the studio recording this track. Less than three months he would be dead. I wonder if he had any idea how popular this song would be all these years later. Thanks, Nat!

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Adele is one of those rare modern artists who is capable of creating a track as timeless as this one, without relying on modern gimmicks. What a voice!

Ben E King - Stand By Me

Love this track. Ben E King might have released this in 1962, but the lyrics are just as relevant today as ever.

Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is

Despite not being written by Otis himself, I think he really did it justice with his unique style.

Oasis - Wonderwall

An ever popular selection at weddings. This one has a huge amount of nostalgia attached to it for a lot of people.

Etta James - At Last

More than fifty years ago this gem was released, and it's still holding it's own in wedding playlists.

The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

The title says it all really! Classic Beatles.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

One of my favourites. I never tire of Louis' voice, and the message always seems so sincere.