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3 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Haven't Heard Before

Everyone wants to throw a wedding to remember and no one wants to bore their guests. However, have no fear, there are loads of cheap and zany wedding entertainment ideas out there that will have your guest talking about your wedding for years!

From bouncy castles and circus performers to mechanical bull rides and flash mobs, we’ve collected together some of the most off the wall and potentially entertaining ideas to entertain your guests below and check out the infographic “7 Fun Things To Do at a Wedding” at the bottom.

1) Channel Your Inner-Child

Not only are children the future, they also have the most fun, especially when it comes to activities at their parties. If you’re prepared to think beyond the traditional British wedding activities of bad dancing and (in most cases) overindulging on food and drink it opens up a wealth of opportunities.

There are many interesting activities that can keep all your guests amused, regardless of their age. Everyone has experience of the fun they had at parties as a kid, so take one of these activities and theme the wedding around it. 

For example a games room with table football, table tennis, air hockey and video game could be great fun - you could even dress it like an old school arcade. You could try bowling or bouncy castles to give the wedding a unique feel. 

Looking for an even wilder wedding entertainment idea? why not try having a PETTING ZOO, from tortoises to falcons the various animals will fascinate the children and adults alike. These suggestion might sound off the wall, but they always be remembered. 

Check out this 'I do at a Zoo' for an example of how fun it could be:

2) Unique Wedding Music & Dance

As we’ve said before music and dancing can be the key to a great wedding reception, so it goes without saying that activities based around these can be a big hit. Consider hiring a dance teacher to teach your an easy fun dance that everyone can do together. You could even try to tell the story of your personal interests or link in your ethnic traditions within the dance if you’re feeling really adventurous. Just make sure all your guests are included and everyone feels like they’re celebrating together, this can really make your wedding stand out from the rest.

3) Your DJ is the Key to a Fun Wedding

Apart from being the key to getting the party started, there are various games a DJ could instigate that will get everyone to know each other better. 

For example the DJ could roast the wedding party with slightly embarrassing stories, especially around how the bride and groom met. These stories are often funny and don’t quite match up on either side. There are also a variety of drinking games that the DJ could instigate (if you want a particularly boozy party that is), from mystery shots for particular funny reasons to bad dancing awards. There is so much potential to enliven the party, just discuss it with your DJ beforehand and always bear in mind what your guests would want.

If that’s not enough, check out these 7 really fun wedding entertainment ideas below…