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5 Tips for DJs to Master Instagram


  1. Engage more with your followers

The best way to grow your audience as a DJ on Instagram is to post less and comment more. This might sound counterintuitive but interacting with your audience is a guaranteed to increase your fan base. It’s better to have 100 engaged followers vs 1000s followers who don’t take any notice of you. Unless you’re a celebrity people really have no reason to follow you.


Tip: You don’t always have to post something right away. You may want to spend some time picking the best photo to share. Consider sharing photos of your food, travel, hobbies, work or DJing. You can also share practice/bedroom sessions of you crafting your skill.


  1. Use DJ related hashtags

Screenshot of DJ Joey Santos Instagram Post
Screenshot of DJ Joey Santos Instagram Post. Follow him @djjoeysantos on Instagram

The use of hastags has become widely adopted by all social networks to help collate relevant posts. To ensure your posts are seen by your audience and others, use hashtags. For DJ related posts you may want to include #dj #djlife #djing #djproducer #clubdj #weddingdj in the description.


To avoid looking spammy consider adding your hashtags as a comment rather than the description. Placing your hashtags in the comment still works the same as in the description but they get tucked away once people start commenting on your posts.


  1. Get active on Instagram stories
    Instagram Stories

Instagram stories rolled out recently. It’s a feature which allows you to post photos and videos which will automatically disappear in 24hours. It’s not as permanent as posting on your Instagram profile so you can use it to post more casual stuff e.g. behind the scenes or making your way to the studio. Make it a habit to reply to comments on your stories, these will be received in your Inbox as a DM – direct message.


  1. Promote your shows


You can use Instagram to promote where you’ll be DJing next but don’t go overboard. You don’t want your Instagram profile to be a collection of club flyers. A good rule of thumb; for every 9 pictures in your profile, you can post a flyer. If you find your constantly posting flyers, then your engagement rate will be low.


You can promote the event page of your next event in your bio by simply inserting the URL of the event in your profile bio. The next time you post a flyer you can insert the caption “LINK IN BIO” in the description.


  1. Shoot videos


Instagram allows up to 60 seconds of video per clip. Use this feature to share videos from your gigs, your journey and your location. Remember Instagram stories can be mundane but they delete after 24 hours but you 60 second video clips should ideally be lively and upbeat for example you can also post scratch videos or even quick product reviews or even tips for other DJs!


Finally.. pencil 30 minutes a day in your diary to engage with your Instagram followers. Remember it’s about engaging and growing your community. Do this everyday and before you know it you’ll have a loyal community. Although social media seems like it’s for kids… it’s now become a huge part of marketing for businesses. To grow your DJ business.. you need to be actively engaged on social media.


Do you have any Instagram tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

Blog inspired by 5 killer tips for DJs by DigitalDJTips