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5 Ways to DJ on Holiday

Naturally on holiday you’d like to kick back but why not take the chance to secure a DJ gig in unfamiliar settings. It’s a great way to raise your DJ profile internationally and find new residencies.


#1 Take a USB Stick

USB Sticks


Who remembers back in the day when you’d have to lug a crate of records to your gig. With USBs there no room for excuses for not being prepared, especially if you’d like to push your DJ career to the next level.


You can now store 1000’s of tracks on USB keys. With USBs being so cheap you can always afford to have a backup and connect to a sound system to play.


Before you whisk yourself off to a well deserved break in the sun be sure to check your current playlist or create a new one on a USB stick. When you arrive, take sometime looking around bars and clubs – music wise. If you find a particular venue you’d like to DJ, speak to the manager about putting some tunes on and see what they say.


#2 Gig Swap with Locals


It’s more common than you thought but swapping residencies goes on weekly in pretty much every city. It’s a great way to get bookings through promoters. Doing this whilst your abroad could quite easily help build your international DJ profile. Vis versa you can have international DJs visit you in your home town and let them put on an unusual event for the party goers in your city.


Leading up to your holiday take a look at sites which list local events such as Resident Advisor. If you spot something you like, try contacting the promoters or resident DJ via social media. Provide clear information detailing the dates you’re visiting and if they’d be interested having you play and allowing them to do the same in the future.


#3 Throw a Hotel Room Party

Sometimes there aren’t enough places open late enough to satisfy your thirst for fun. This is where a hotel room party is ideal. All you need are mini speakers and a music player. But don’t go blazing your music, you have to be respectful to other guests in the hotel. You may event want to invite them over.


It’s likely you’ll take some form of a music player with you on holiday. If you can bag yourself a portable speaker, then you’re all set to throw an amazing room party.


#4 Pool Bar Parties




Have you ever noticed there’s some kind of DJ equipment near the hotel bar by the pool but there’s no sign of a DJ, it’s normally a Spotify playlist or CD mix. You can take this opportunity to speak to the bar staff and putting forward your idea to spice up the night with a live DJ set.


After you’ve spent the day hanging around the pool and bar area, you’ll get a sense of what can be done. You literally have nothing to lose by going up to the bar staff and hotel manager. Don’t forget to speak to hotel guests to find out what type of genres they would like to hear.


#5 Cruise Ship DJ

Cruise ships have at least one nightclub and multiple bars. If you’ve booked a cruise ship holiday there could be the opportunity to DJ and get paid whilst you sail the warmer climes. Even so, if you fancy a career change you could set out to become a resident DJ on a cruise ship.


If this is something you truly want to pursue contact the ships head of entertainment. Make sure all your USBs keys have filled with all types of tracks, playlists and mixes.