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Can a DJ Save you money on your wedding?

It’s a sad fact for DJs that in the era of iTunes, Spotify and Youtube many couples believe booking a DJ for their wedding is not so important anymore. Sure, some DJs can charge very high rates for their services and you may have to shop around a bit, but nothing beats the vibe a good DJ can bring to a wedding. As we’ve said previously -  there are plenty of reasons to use a wedding DJ and lots of things that can go wrong by taking the DIY approach!

So if money is a major concern, think about the following ways which a professional wedding DJ can actually save you money…

  1. Equipment  - If your venue doesn’t provide the equipment you need for your reception, DJs will often be able to provide it themselves or source cheaper equipment than hiring it through a production company. This can include the sound-system, dj equipment, lighting and more.

  2. Suppliers - DJs who take a lot of wedding bookings have lots of industry contacts, asking your DJ for advice - or even help - contacting suppliers for other aspects of your reception could save you a stack of money. They are likely to know several excellent suppliers who they trust and they should be able to get you a better price based on an existing business relationship. So not only will they help you to get the best possible price, they can also provide you peace of mind that the supplier is recommended from personal experience.
    Additionally, the years of experience a good wedding DJ will have accrued, means they are likely to be able to spot any anomalies in the quotes and contracts that other suppliers provide and suggest alternatives or solutions.

  3. Hiring a Band - can be very expensive, especially if you want them to cover the whole reception party. Hiring one for even an hour can be expensive, so hiring a DJ is a cost effective alternative. Additionally, your venue may not be equipped to cater for a band.

  4. DJ as the MC or Host - Many DJs are more than comfortable hosting your reception. From introducing the happy couple, the first dance and the speeches, to keeping your reception running on time and to schedule. In this scenario the DJ effectively becomes the party organiser who is at the centre of making your day run smoothly.

  5. The Whole Day - For very little extra cost a DJ can provide music for the whole day, from wedding breakfast, to pre-ceremony and through to the reception.

  6. Saving the Day - With a band there is the risk that your guests will get bored of one type of music all night. A DJ can cater to the entire audience and ensure everyone has a good time, so there is little chance your party will fall flat.

Apart from the additional things a DJ can offer you, the main reason to spend the money and invest in a good DJ is that it leaves a lasting impression on your guests. After all, the main reason people remember wedding receptions is the fun they had dancing the night away with their friends and family.