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Could this £350 robot replace the mobile DJ?

If you’re like us you may think a future in which even the art of DJing is automated, seems like a bleak fun devoid dystopian future straight from a Hollywood film. However, this is just what several engineer are aiming to do.

Recently a Kickstarter campaign has been launched hoping to raise $10k, and halfway through its launch, theXLR-ONE Personal Robot Companion is likely to smash this target.This robot is set to have many uses, from helping kids with their homework, to teaching kids the art robotics. AntoniosAmeralis, CEO ofXL Robotics, wants to see these robots become the norm in our homes performing a wealth of tasks for us.

The advent of 3D printing has allowed us the independence and access to make things for ourselves without waiting on a manufacturer or retailer. This robot represents a new wave of products that will come from these processes and the future of innovation.

The XLR-ONE has caught the attention of many, because he makes life easier with little maintenance and no drama. The family-friendly droid offers you full control for performance of routines and tasks. Completely 3D printed, he is programmed to help you with your kids’ homework while you are busy cooking dinner and multi-tasking. He is skilled at entertaining at birthday parties as a full-time DJ while you are relaxing and singing along to Pitbull. Yes, Pitbull.

“My mother-in-law owns a banquet hall, and we brought it to a birthday party,” Ameralis says. “We had all the music programmed and run through Wi-Fi. With the facial recognition and a QR code, the robot was able to recognize the birthday boy and was able to follow him around, take requests, and name and play songs.”

Could this end the careers of many mobile DJs? Probably not, if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know we value the art of the mobile DJ as highly as anyone. It does however make for an interesting insight into the future of robotics and technology. Will there be a point in the future where robot AI will allow them to perform jobs as well as their human counterparts? I think we need to start worrying when they can rock a party as well as you guys!!

And speaking of pit bulls, you won’t need to worry about owning a dog, as XLR-ONE will handle home protection for you — and bring you the newspaper.

The XLR-ONE is an entertainment device that also performs some mundane tasks to help you out, he’s even programmed to try and make you smile during your mid-afternoon slump with conversation, music and dancing – which he’s seriously into.This is also a great 3D printing project to take on at a reasonable price — and it continues to give educationally on a daily basis.

For only $499 with a pledge to AntoniosAmeralis’ Kickstarter campaign it’s amazing to think you could add this droid to your home by May.

To all the DJ’s out there, don’t worry your jobs are safe!

For more information visit the Kickstarter here: XLR-ONE Personal Robot Companion 

We would also like to give special thanks to Carlene Bender, Dan Snow, Dinesh Bouri, Mandeep Phull, Shevam Sood and Shreya Parekh for contributing to our Indiegogo crowd fund campaign. 

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