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DJs: How to Create a Promotional Video

For some people selling themselves and talking themselves up comes easily, lets face it some people LOVE to talk about themselves. However this isn’t for everyone, so if you’re the typically reserved Brit you might need some tips on how to get it right. There are only so many ways to describe yourself to try and stand out from the pack, but the aim is always convincing people that you can confidently fill the dancefloor, keep it packed and make everyone have the party of their lives until the early hours. 

A great way to do this is using a video, its an easy way to grab attention, advertise your skills and spread your message. Just look at your Facebook feed you’ll undoubtedly see videos all over it. This is because it’s been proven by research that people searching the internet are much more likely to watch a video than read text on a website. 

Our guide aims to help you get yours right, there are many ways to do it, aiming for innovation and wider viral appeal should help you gain exposure, but there are many ways to go.

What do you put in the Video?

When choosing the content of you video it’s worth considering your target audience first. Video is a powerful medium and the wrong content could hinder your brand rather than enhance it. Due to the visual nature, your video is likely to influence a potential client within seconds. So for example if you’re going for a higher end market, a casual pub gig is unlikely to be suitable in comparison to a suited and booted formal occasion. If you aim across the market, consider doing different videos tailored to each market. 

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is client testimonials and feedback, people are much more likely to believe someone elses opinion over your own. Even if you only have text testimonials on a still photo, these are better than none, although getting a client testimonial video on camera is more authoritative and interesting. 

As well as testimonials, including clips of you rocking the party and performing on the mic is an essential way of selling your services. Showing the client what they’re going to get is important.

A Still Video?

Your promo video doesn’t have to just be video clips, you could also use still pictures combined with a relevant backing track or a combination of the two.

It is essential when using stills to only use high quality photos that represent the best of the events you’ve done, accompanied by a relevant backing track. The transitions must be smooth and remember to not leave pictures lingering for too long. However, we’d always recommend video clips of testimonials, events and you talking to the camera as the most effective.

Dub or Soundtrack?

If the sound quality of your video clips isn’t great, it might be best to overdub it with a track of your choice.

Remember to: 
Try and  sync the audio with the video so people aren’t dancing out of time. If your video has people singing along or cheering try and cut this into the track to retain atmosphere. Include a variety or ‘mash-up’ of tracks to show the breadth of music you can play, as you can’t please everyone with one track. YouTube has pretty stringent copyright rules, so try to use a variety of smaller clips as they’re more likely to to get past the copyright infringement checker.

It is also recommended to include a voiceover, as not only can you explain your services clearly, you will be able to demonstrate your hosting ability on the mic.

Length and Editing

Your video shouldn’t be too long, it needs to be short enough to keep the viewers attention and get your point across, but not so long the viewer clicks off before it finishes. If you have some money to invest you could get a professional or a friend with video editing skills to make your video really impressive. 

If you’re going to do it yourself, there are many easily available cheap programs on the market and it easier than ever to produce really professional videos yourself.

These include free programs like Windows Movie Maker, Machete Video Editor, Lightworks and iMovie.

Where To Put It

Ideally YouTube is the best place to put it, its the most accessed video site in the world and almost everyone that uses the internet uses it. It can be easily embedded into your website and may even be found by other people indirectly searching online. However, as previously mentioned the copyright infringement issue may make it safer to host on a site like Vimeo. It’s up to you, but for ease of use YouTube seems like the best bet.

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