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DJs - How to Get Paid on Time

You’re most probably reading this blog as you’re currently waiting to be paid from previous gigs. I’m also guessing you didn’t charge the customer in advance on good faith.


Unfortunately, we’ve all been caught out, the event manager promising to pay you as soon as you send the invoice and after you’ve sent the invoice you’re asked to email the accounts department for immediate payment… and 14 days later you’re still not paid.


It’s really frustrating when businesses don’t pay invoices on time and then use you as an overdraft. DJs are not an overdraft! Venues such as wedding venues normally require their customers to pay in advance… and so should you.


Normal business practice is to offer 30 days’ trade credit however with a well written invoice you can request to be paid in advance or on the day – before starting.


Below are a few tips which may help you get paid on time, every time.


Point 1) Build a two-part invoice:

Invoice 1) 30% non refundable deposit to secure the time and date

Invoice 2) 70% to be paid 1 hour before the agreed start time

Point 2) In the terms and conditions of your invoice include a disclaimer noting that the remaining 70% payment is required 1 hour before the agreed start time and that if the payment hasn’t cleared the event is to be considered cancelled.


Point 3) Send invoice (1) immediately after the customer has agreed to pay your quoted price

If you don’t agree with Point 2 above, you may want to consider adding a disclaimer to invoice (2) which notes that ‘full payment is required within 7 days from the event date and interest of 2% will be added on top for everyday that passes as late’.


Do you agree or disagree with our suggestions above?

Do you think venues and event managers will continue paying DJs late?

How have you resolved late payment disputes with customers before?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Sanjeev