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How To Add Value To Your Services

What actually encourages you to click the ‘buy now’ button? We’re guessing its added value!

If for example you are searching the internet to buy a new turntable, you would’ve spent hours researching new features and new models. After a reading a couple of reviews you’ve most probably decided which one to buy. Your next hurdle is deciding where to part with your money?

  • A private seller on eBay with no warranty or refunds but the cheapest price
  • An Amazon seller with 12 months manufactures warranty matching the eBay sellers price
  • A high street retailer stocked with your model but £5 more than Amazon and eBay
  • An ecommerce store with next day delivery, 2 years warranty but its £19.99 more expensive than the rest

It’s clear that the ecommerce store has chosen to use ‘added value’ with 2 years warranty.

Here are a couple of ideas we had to help you add value to your services

Partner with a photographer
Take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves! Everyone’s searching for a bargain so it may be useful to package your offering. One way of doing this is to team up with a photographer.

When you receive your next enquiry remember to ask the client if they’ve booked a photographer. If they haven’t recommended your photographer and offer the client a discounted price if they book both of you.  Just by partnering with a photographer you’ve added value to your service and also offered a discount.

Vantage point
As well as performing at the event, kindly ask the client if they are ok with you recording the event from your vantage point. Don’t forget to send a free copy via the cloud e.g. drop box. When recording ensure you record the event using a tripod and a HD camera.