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How to Deal with Client Booking Enquiries - “HELP!”

Very few people organise music festivals, big corporate events or promote club nights, so when potential clients enquire about booking a DJ for their party, function or wedding reception - the chances are this is the first time they’ve booked a DJ and they don’t have a clue what they’re meant to be asking for. They’ll likely start by asking how much it would cost for a disco at their event, but what they’re often really asking is for you to “HELP!”.

Whatever your business, converting a qualified lead into a customer is one of the hardest aspects of the sales process. However, there are several steps you can follow which should make the process easier for you and the client, allowing you to convert as many enquiries into clients as possible, as well as making them feel completely comfortable with the quality of your service.


  1. Helpful - As with any business, customer service is key. The higher the quality of the service you provide the happier the customer will be, because clients always appreciate someone who goes the extra mile. There are many ways to be extra helpful, from answering even the most basic question you’ve been asked a thousand times with enthusiasm, to offering new ideas on their event, giving them details of other suppliers or offering to do anything that reduces the stress on them. Being helpful on the day is important too and it pays off in the long run - guests, other suppliers and venues will all notice what a professional job you’re doing and referrals are likely to head your way.
  2. Expertise - Everyone feels more confident when they’re dealing with an expert, not only does it give you peace of mind, but it makes you feel that you’re getting your moneys worth. The same applies here, clients will instantly be more confident if you sound knowledgeable, advise them of potential problems and offer solutions that the client hadn’t thought of. Drawing on your personal experience is a particularly good way to establish your expertise and giving the potential client a case study of a previous happy client could prove very beneficial. Particularly if you have previously worked at their proposed venue, your knowledge could be invaluable to the potential client.
  3. Listen - Before giving your client details of what you can offer them, you need to really listen to what they require. You should find out about the event they’re planning to put on, details of their guests (including a selection of their musical tastes) and the theme of their party. Make sure they talk about themselves and their plans, by listening intently you can get an idea of their personality and what they’ll like. Once you’ve got a good picture of how the event will be, you can talk with confidence and relevance keeping them engaged by your take on their vision. Always make a note of any important information they mention and address this directly, this shows you’re someone who pays attention to details. If you’re only contacting them via email the same rules apply - it might just be a slightly longer process!
  4. Personality - This is one of the most important things and is likely to be a major deciding factor in whether many of your leads convert to clients. It may be a cliche but “people buy people”, so if you’re a highly personable and friendly person, the lead is much more likely to choose you as their DJ. If you answer the phone or email in a friendly manner the lead will instantly feel at ease, also never make them feel stupid for not knowing something technical and make sure you part company with them feeling satisfied with your service. Personality is another great driver of referrals too!

It’s also worth thinking about what makes YOU unique, the above list points to your professionalism and expertise, but your unique selling point is another great way of converting leads. 

You need to work out, what makes you stand out from other competitors? What feedback do you get from clients? What do you specialise in? This is important because many of the DJ’s a client contacts will sound very similar and that leaves them deciding on price alone. If you’re a specialist in a particular genre or offer events with a particular twist, let your client know - it could make all the difference. 

If you offer something unique it will make you worth more than your competitors, so you’ll never be caught in a race to the bottom price war with competitors. In fact, if you’re genuinely unique and excellent you may not really have any competitors in your league full stop. 

So next time you’re speaking to a client, make sure you think of the above!