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How to make your Wedding Reception really REALLY memorable

Weddings can often be fairly predictable affairs. Sure, décor, food and venues vary, but on the whole the majority of people like to keep things traditional - and there's nothing wrong with that! After all, what really makes a wedding special is the people. A growing number of couples, however, are wanting to make their big day stand out from the crowd by doing something really memorable. One of the best ways to achieve that in our eyes is with a surprise wedding dance. A carefully choreographed routine can surprise and delight guests, and certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry! Best of all it needn't cost you a penny. Here are some of our favourites from the internet.

We dread to think how long this routine took to perfect! Featuring a great selection of tunes and some equally eclectic moves this one really hits the mark.

We love the energy and variety in this first dance. Particularly the Bollywood-esque intro and romantic yet playful finish.

Unashamedly cheesy in places, but very well choreographed and light hearted. Drawing on a mixture of modern American and Persian music, this surprise dance will not be forgotten in a hurry!

This father daughter dance takes a surprise turn when they break out this choreographed routine. The father in particular brings an impressive amount of energy and enthusiasm to the performance.

What starts out as a sweet and traditional dance between mother and son takes an unexpected turn when the two break into a more modern routine, dancing to the likes of LMFAO and MC Hammer.

If you have an idea to create a really special or funny dance routine for your wedding (as well as practising a lot!!) you should speak to your DJ beforehand. A good wedding DJ should be able to help you get it right, they can help you with ideas for routines, choose the music or allow it to run smoothly on the day. If the DJ is in the loop they can play the music and make the announcements on the mic which will act as a cue for everyone involved, whether it is just you and your partner or a whole group of your friends.

The growing trend of special wedding dances are something wedding DJ's are becoming more and more used to helping with, their vast experience and musical knowledge should help with the process from start to finish, so make sure you keep them in the loop!