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As you may remember earlier in the week, a shady Pioneer teaser trailer surfaced. Along with many others on the web, we speculated what this new device could be; a fancy new controller? An all new mixer? Or maybe something else entirely?

Well, the guess work and theories can finally come to a halt as Pioneer officially announce the DJM-S9 battle mixer, and judging from the trailer it's chock full of new technology and features.

Predominately aimed at scratch DJs and modelled on the old Pioneer DJM-909 battle mixer, the new incarnation offers a fast and accurate cross fader complete with detachable absorption pads to cushion the motion of the switch. With easy-to-map built-in performance pads and FX buttons the user can customise the hardware to their preference, allowing for ever more elaborate tricks and techniques during sets and scratch battles.

There are two sound cards installed, meaning DJs can seamlessly switch between sets and go back-to-back with ease. Despite all of its buttons, knobs and built-in accessories, the mixer remains neat and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as we're sure you'll agree.

If you want to go for that extra bling factor it also comes, for a limited time, in gold with matching versions of Pioneers PLX-1000 turntables. The current release date is set for November of this year but with a hefty price tag of £1,325 you'd better get saving now.

Check out the video below to see the mixer in action along with a full list of features and massive endorsements from a well of scratch champions and DJ Jazzy Jeff himself.

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