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New Feature - Interactive DJ Guide

Recently we asked 100 customers what factors contributed to their decision to book a specific DJ.

The Results:
DJs with a complete DJ profile were securing 5 X more gigs compared to DJs with an incomplete DJ Profile.

There was more content available on the (complete) DJs Profile for the prospective customer to read, watch and listen.

How can we help?
We've built an interactive guide helping DJs complete their DJ Profile.

Completing your DJ Profile increases the chances of a prospective customer requesting a quote from you.

Put simply.. the prospective customer spends more time browsing your DJ Profile, reading your previous customer reviews, listening to your DJ mixes, watching videos from your previous gigs and finally booking your services.

Rated DJs is completely FREE and there's no middleman.

Customers can view your DJ Profile, read your customer reviews and request direct quotes from you.

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