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Protect Your Ears Like These 9 DJs

Check out how busy DJs keep their hearing in check, give yourself a classic house music primer, and catch an interview with Armin Van Buuren on the real financial, creative, and physical costs of putting up massive EDM shows that just keep on getting "bigger and better".

  1. This Is How To Protect Your Ears At Loud Shows - The Fader asks nine DJs what earplugs they use to protect their hearing, and why you shouldn't wait for tinnitus to become a regular part of your life before you start using plugs yourself Read more

  2. Beatport Launches Streaming Player, Pays Artists Per Stream - In the wake of the Apple Music and Taylor tiff on Twitter, Beatport unveils its new embeddable music player that compensates artists and producer per stream. Billboard has the story Read more

  3. Top 10 Classic House Records If You Don't Know House - A great primer for folks who want a crash course in house music, as well as those who want to learn more about it. Traxsource has the list Read more

  4. There is No Place for Hate in Dance Music - DJs and producers accused of bigotry and homophobia have been in the news as of late. THUMP emphasises why neither should be tolerated, especially in our club culture Read more

  5. Armin Van Buuren Talks Dance Music Finance - The Dutch trance master goes in-depth on the business behind dance music's global explosion. Bloomberg has the video Watch it

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