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Q&A - How to Choose a DJ Name - Controlling Your Nerves and Your DJ Fees

Q&A - #DJChat – Episode 1 – Choosing a DJ Name, controlling your nerves and setting your fees.

We recently launched a new project reviewing DJ products on YouTube. The experience has taught us a lot and we’re continuing to work behind the scenes to review more products for you :)

Thinking of upgrading your DJ equipment? Let us know - we’ll get the product in your hands to review on video!

To our surprise we received messages from DJs discussing various issues such as:

  • How to deal with someone not paying?
  • Where we think DJ industry is going?
  • How much should you charge?

We felt each question had a common goal: to be a successful DJ.. so we decided to launch a weekly Q&A answering these great questions on video.

As this is Episode 1 we chose 3 questions we received from a beginner DJ:

  1. How to choose a DJ name?
  2. How to handle your nerves before a gig?
  3. How to setup your DJ fees?


Question1: How to choose a DJ name?

  • Don’t choose something offensive
  • Do your research, make sure no one else is using the same name
  • Choose a name that reflect your skills
  • You may consider choosing your real name, your nick name or something similar

Question 2: How to handle your nerves before a gig?

  • Arrive 15-20 minutes early
  • Warm up by socialising
  • Have one drink, even one cup of coffee – don’t drink too much though!!

Question 3: How to setup your DJ fees?

  • As a beginner your fees may be low – in the early days you may be DJing for free
  • As you progress, you will be more experienced so reflect this in your price
  • Take into consideration travel costs
  • If your flying internationally ensure the booker knows the cost of the flight and has arranged accommodation for you

We hope you enjoyed our video. This was our first attempt at recording a Q&A video but as we mentioned earlier we’ll continue recording these for DJs across the globe.

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Thanks for watching our first Q&A video.