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Question - What’s the best way to personalise your Wedding? Answer - Music

To give your wedding a truly personal touch, selecting music that represents the tastes of you and your friends can be one easy way to make your big day special. Along with the actual ceremony, as well as the amazing feeling of all your family and friends in one place, the memory of dancing the night away to great tunes lingers long in the memory.

Years of experience has shown us that many couples can have trouble selecting music for their weddings, in particular for the prelude to the wedding itself. The prelude is around 30 minutes before the actual ceremony starts and guests are taking their seats. Music is essential for setting the tone during this period and if you’re not having the ceremony in a church, having a DJ play the music is the most obvious alternative.

An interesting musical theme is a great way to set your big day apart from all the others - this works particularly well for the prelude to the ceremony. One great theme could be to choose music from your birth years. The DJ could work with you to select songs that fit with the theme, love songs or otherwise. Although you may not know the best songs from when you were not even one years old, the DJ will, and can make some great choices for you. This provides a point of interest for the older and younger generations alike, the older guests will remember the songs the first time round and the younger guests will still be aware of the biggest hits from that era.

Regardless of whether you choose big pop hits or very specific music to your tastes, making the music unique and personal is the most important thing.

If your DJ makes an announcement to let your guests know about the theme, they’re more likely to be paying attention. Plus if the couples birth years aren’t announced, it can turn the theme into a ‘Guess the year’ game and engages their interest in the music further throughout the day.

There are many themes that you can choose if your birth years doesn’t feel right, to be honest the possibilities are endless! You could choose anything from: the year you first met, to when you got engaged, the birth of your children, your parents anniversaries and even the year your team won the cup (we recognise the last one isn’t for everyone!). Not to mention the themes based around your favourite styles of music, favourite eras, favourite films etc - as we said the possibilities are endless! 

The most important thing is to let your guests know about the theme. Whether that’s by getting the DJ to announce it, including it in the programme or making a point of it on the invitations.

This is just one great way of making your event more personal and special for the you, your friends and family. The wedding DJ is likely to relish the challenge of fitting with your theme and gives them the chance to try something new.

Music resonates with people in a way that few things can, it stirs emotions and sets moods like almost nothing else. So taking time to work on something that reflects you and how you feel can really make your day an extra special one.