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The Curse of the Cheap DJ

If there’s one thing that can annoy professional DJ’s, it’s members of their own profession acting unprofessionally. Many mobile DJ’s have fought hard to bring a level of credibility and dependability to their profession, which several unprofessional practices undermine.

Two of the main issues revolve around cost and unreliability. Many of you will be familiar with DJ’s who undercut their competitors, often charging a pittance for hours of work, just to get the gig! Many of these same DJ’s will often take a gig at that cost just to fill a free date and drop it at the first sign of a better paid gig elsewhere.

For example, imagine a DJ accepts a gig at £150 for 6 hours of musical coverage, this is an amount that no pro DJ we’ve heard of would accept for such a long and time consuming gig. Not only does this leaves the customer with the desperate, untrained and foolhardy who are the only ones ready to accept performing at their event in the first place. Imagine if said DJ cancels when he receives a higher paying gig elsewhere, leaving the customer is a complete predicament for a replacement. It’s unlikely the original DJ would of been a highly skilled pro mobile DJ as it is, so imagine what the replacement could be like!

We’ve heard of many of you who have complained about being offered last minute gigs by other members of the profession who have accepted similar amounts. This is a completely unethical way to operate as a mobile DJ and shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

However, there is a moral to this story, this is the risk you take hiring a cheap-as-chips DJ for your wedding or important event. If you end up in a situation like this or worse you have no DJ at all! You’ll wish you invested in a DJ with a strong track record and not just go on the cheapest price. A professional who has a pride in his work and his livelihood is very unlikely to let you down. This also another reason why DJ’s should charge what they think they’re worth, rather than what they think is acceptable to the customer.

There are unprofessional and unscrupulous people in all professions, people are automatically wary of heavily discounted items or services in other areas, so why are mobile DJ’s different?

A BMW for £300 is pretty unlikely to even start, so why would you take only the cheapest price on someone responsible for one of the most important aspects of your wedding day?

Let us know your thoughts below….