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Wedding Tips for DJs

Wedding Tips for DJs - Blog Written By DJ Kurs


As a DJ you play an important role which will be remembered by all the attendees at a wedding. In this blog we cover some helpful tips for beginner DJs who are transitioning over to a wedding DJ.



Most large wedding venues provide speakers, smoke machines and lights but as a mobile wedding DJ you will need to have your own customised stand and a microphone to promote your DJ services. Your stand should clearly display your DJ name, contact details and your logo. First impressions always count so your stand should look professional. You want your stand to bring in new business/referrals from the attendees. This could be your first gig but no one would've guessed it if your presentation is on point. 

If you find the venue your expected to play at doesn't provide speakers, smoke machines or lights then you can hire the equipment you need from retailers such as knight Sound and Light.


Meeting the Client

When you are meeting the client face to face, remember to dress smart and treat it as if it's a job interview. Have your fees for your DJ service, equipment and transportation ready. You may want to create tiered packages such as small, medium and large. Take notes of the songs the couple will want to hear including their special song which will be played only once during their first dance. It's highly recommended that you request a deposit to confirm the booking and prepare a contract which should be signed by both parties.


Preparing the Playlist


Musically you may think you are ready but have a think about all the different age groups attending the wedding. You never know what type of music you will be requested to play during the night, so have a selection of old school from 80s90s to present commercial tunes and yes 50s60s songs could be requested too. While you play have a pen and notebook ready for song requests. This will help minimise interruptions.

Setup your DJ equipment/stand as safely as possible. All cables should be hidden and place speakers out of reach or against the walls to prevent any accidents.


In this blog we've only covered the basics of what you will need as a wedding DJ. Every wedding is different, so the clients needs will be different too - and don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming a toastmaster ;)


Has our blog helped you? Let us know how where you are in your DJ career, are you a bedroom DJ transitioning over to a wedding DJ? Let us know in the comments section below.