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What should I wear when I DJ?

We see this question pop up on social media and on DJ forums so we thought we'd share our thoughts to help you decide.


Dress for the occasion


If guests who are invited to the event are required to wear a suit, then we recommend wearing smart trousers with a white shirt. This is normally the case for formal/corporate events.

Why wear formal? Imagine wearing your best t-shirt and jeans whilst everyone in the room is formally dressed / ‘suited and booted’. You DON’T want to stick out like a sore thumb. A simple rule we suggest keeping to is to: dress to meet the requirements.


Similarly, if it’s a 70s disco corporate function – avoid wearing smart trousers with a white shirt. This however doesn’t mean you need to look like Disco Stu either! Again the same rule as before applies here too; dress to meet the requirements – a funky coloured shirt with boot cut jeans will do the job.


For club and festivals, you’re generally given more freedom to dress to your own style and match your music. If it’s hot outside, wear a t-shirt but avoid wearing flip flops! That’s a definite no no!


Remember you’re being paid to be professional so avoid wearing really old clothes. Be presentable as you will be in some photos and videos. This can turn into free marketing for you as you may be tagged in photos once uploaded... so again... wear something new/fresh.


How do you think mobile DJs should dress for functions and gigs? How much personal style can a DJ bring into his or her formal wear such as a wedding? Let us know in the comments section below.