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"Car at Discosounds"
Posted 27 April 2016

Interesting! Having been playing records since 1964.. In those early days the number of the larger roadshow Dj's could be counted on both hands., and work was obtained from all over the UK. Promoters, rogues and anybody that had a Hall wanted a DJ. The traditional Agents were more interested in putting on Summer shows at the end of the Pier, and didn't understand the new trend of people paying money to hear records being played. Building a relationship with genuine promoters was both costly and sometimes non profitable. However, it's all part of establishing a following.. Today the world and his Uncle can be a DJ, free downloads, poor equipment, uninsured and untested equipment, adds to the downward pressure on price. Some time ago an article in Pro-mobile by an independent subscriber calculated the real cost of DJ'ing a wedding as £450.00 Well there are guys out there doing it still for £99.00 (albeit the starting price only, add the add on's and you get a price nearer to the £450.00 mark) My attitude to clients is to discuss with them their requirements. Calculate a price that allows for all of my costs covered and a fair return for my time. setting budgets early with your client allows for a realistic price to be calculated. Recently the findings are that a number of clients try to hold a date under the pretense of booking and then continue to find someone cheaper. For the past ten years my marketing policy is that bookings are taken on a first come basis and we don't hold dates for anybody. Once a booking is accepted we don't accept any other bookings for the same date, albeit, it may be offered at a higher price.(It's all about reputation) My advice to any established or budding DJ is, BE LEGAL and hold out for your price. Agents don't show loyalty to any one act unless you are a known entity and are in demand. My wife made a very erudite observation. WHY DO BRIDES WANT THE CHEAPEST PRICE FOR SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT, CONSIDERING THEY PAY £500 FOR CAKES! I've turned down loads of work from venue managers that want to book me, as the quality of DJ's has greatly reduced by the ease of music and poor equipment being readily available. in addition I take into consideration the logistical problems, no free parking for the van close to the venue entrance then I turn down the gig. kind regards Crl