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Why does Rated DJs charge a subscription?

We received an interesting question the other day and thought it would be great to answer this in our weekly blog.

So why do we charge a subscription? To answer this we have to cover a couple of business topics:

Our Vision
Our focus is connecting DJs to jobs and our goal is to create the most advanced platform for customers searching for a DJ.

To us it was simple; each DJ will have their own profile with all their details including their customer reviews. No ads, no banners, no marketing blurb. The entire screen of the user’s device will be used to showcase a DJs profile. [Click here to view a demo profile]

What we don’t do?

  1. First and foremost we don’t charge DJs upfront, there’s no payment upon registration!
  2. We didn’t build a website just for DJs; Rated DJs is for your browsing customers too
  3. We don’t rely solely on SEO to target your future customer
  4. We place no restrictions based on location
  5. There’s no need to buy post codes
  6. We don’t act as a middleman

So we arrive back to the original question, why do we charge DJs a subscription?
We believe our business model is best explained by discussing previous tried and tested business models. Most recently our team watched a programme on Netflix entitled ‘Downloaded’. The programme covered the rise and fall of Napster.

Had Napster and the music industry done, what Steve Jobs did with iTunes, Napster would still be in existence today. It is however no surprise that the co-founder of Napster is also on the board of directors of Spotify – a subscription based music service.

When you look at Spotify, Netflix, Justeat, Checkatrade, Hungryhouse and Lovefilm's business model it’s clear that a business built to ‘connect’ information from point a to point b must charge a subscription to ensure continued growth and most importantly the addition of new features inspired by innovative/useful ideas and functions.

Where do we spend your £9.99* each month?
An important part of any business is the marketing department. To achieve our goal of connecting DJs to jobs we actively promote Rated DJs on/offline.

Here’s a small breakdown of a few marketing campaigns we are pursuing:

  • We have paid ads on search engines and social media networks targeting your potential customer so they can book your services through Rated DJs
  • We’re constantly optimising our SEO to ensure your future customer can book your services through Rated DJs
  • We’re creating animated videos targeting your potential customer so they can book your services through Rated DJs
  • We’re investing capital to advertise on national radio targeting your potential customer so they can book your services through Rated DJs

But I don’t want to pay £9.99* a month, it’s too expensive!
Let’s do the maths:

£9.99* x 12 months = £119.88*

Subtract the 2 months FREE trial = £99.90*

DJs can cover the entire years’ service from one gig!

Remember we don’t charge upon registration and you’re not locked into a contract.

We are the only website built from the ground up focused on one thing – connecting DJs to jobs.

It’s that simple.

To register for your free trial and create a profile click here

*Prices exclude VAT.