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Writing a DJ biography

DJ's often neglect their biographies, but they can be essential tools to sell yourself to prospective clients or promoters. A badly written bio can make you seem like an amateur, or worse, damage your reputation. The bio is about selling you as a DJ, giving people a flavour of what you’re about and helping them to put their trust in you to handle their party.

The following list should help you construct a bio that really represents you to your prospective clients:

  1. Gather Your Thoughts
    The first step is get all the relevant information you need to talk about together, think about the following:
    - Why did you start DJing and when?
    - Where are from and currently located? Has this had influence on your musical passions?
    - What are you goals as a DJ?
    - What DJ’s and musicians are big influences to you?
    - What notable gigs, functions and parties have you done?
    - How much experience do you have and how has this affected your DJ talent?
    - Where would you like to go as a DJ? A renowned business or residencies at clubs or whatever you dream of.

Answering these questions should give people a good idea of what you’re like as a DJ and what they can expect, they’ll be able to tell your level of experience and professionalism.

2. Writing the Draft

Now that you’ve thought about what thoughts you want to convey, it’s time to organise the drafts. You should be writing a short version under 250 words for social media and a longer version under 700 words to put on your website to send to prospective clients.

Your bio isn’t meant to be a chronological telling of every gig you’ve ever had, but more a marketing story that tells them what makes you a great DJ for their party. The following structure is effective:

  • Who you are and what you’re about
  • Where you started and what you’ve done
  • Your influences and goals
  • Where you’re at now and where you see yourself going

It can be tough for anyone to talk about themselves, but this is an important marketing tool and has to be done. When choosing the narrative voice to write in, bear in mind the first person is friendlier and more accessible to the reader. However, the third person will make you appear more professional and is more business minded. Regardless of which tone you use, you want to avoid sounding egotistical, negative or narcissistic.

Also it’s important to remember that not everyone will have the time or patience to read an epic bio, so keep it as short, punchy and relevant as possible.

3) Consider Writing One for Your Business

Alongside the bio for your career as a DJ, if you run a mobile DJ or promotions company, consider writing one for the business. This can take the form of a ‘mission statement’ something that tells people the values that your business works towards and what you believe in. E.G “We provide high-quality music and entertainment services for your event. We bring the excitement of the club to your wedding, corporate party, and event."

Whether you write a mission statement or just a bio, the goal is to write something that allows the reader to get to know you as a DJ or company. It is a great marketing tool for them to understand you and your company. Keep it up to date and update it when you do something worthy of shouting about.