Rated DJs Blog/April, 2016

My View of the DJ Industry in 2016


My View of the DJ Industry in 2016 - 4 Minute Read - By Sanjeev Bouri   I find writing blogs difficult but after reading this article I got my arse into gear and motivated myself (and with the support of family and friends) to start writing down what exactly inspired me to launch Rated DJs.   About me Before I start I want you to know that I’ve set myself an ambitious goal; to write blogs (including video blogs) sharing my knowledge of the DJ industry from a customer’s point of view. See I’m not actually a DJ even though I came up with the idea of Rated DJs – a website designed to help people find and book a DJ.   I’m 28, live in London, UK and worked in ecommerce since 16. The first website I launched was back in high school....