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Rated DJs Launched July 18th 2014

Rated DJs launched July 18th 2014 and is a platform that connects DJs to gigs across the UK.  The concept was first thought of back in July 2013. Rated DJs identified there wasn’t a simple way to find a DJ.

Previous attempts from other websites have been made however at the time of reviewing these websites we felt we could improve on what was being offered by removing the middleman and offering DJs additional services to promote themselves!

Rated DJs is the only platform which connects a potential customer to a DJ within 3 clicks!

During development we learned the average consumer trusts online reviews over personal recommendations.  We attended Google, Yahoo Bing and SEM seminars all of which came to the same conclusion: 79% of consumers trust online reviews than a personal recommendation.

We built Rated DJs to target this type of consumer shopping behaviour. We focused on creating a feedback/review system which allows a DJs customer to submit a 1 to 5 star rating with the added function for a DJ to add their own comment to their customers review.

Rated DJs has been designed to be fast, simple and easy to use. We don’t fill the screen with marketing blurb and we don’t sell advertising space to external websites!

We spent hours discussing the look and feel of every button, picture, slider and most importantly the DJs profile. At each design stage we asked ourselves “What is its purpose? If it has no purpose we must remove it!” 

Rated DJs created a platform where DJs can manage their own profile, bookings, mailbox and more.  We’re so confident; at launch we’re offering all DJs a FREE 60 day trial. We’ve also gone the extra mile and offer a 30 day rolling contract.

There’s no strings attached, no money upfront and you don’t need to buy post codes, it’s that simple!

What makes Rated DJs different from all the other DJ websites?

  1. We don’t just rely on SEO to generate leads.
  2. We don’t bombard you with random quotes.
  3. From enquiry to booking, your customer is in direct contact with you.
  4. We use paid advertising to target your future customers.
  5. Your customer can preview your profile within 3 clicks!

Simply create your profile, upload your content and select the areas you would like to work in!