Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Rated DJs. The following describes the terms on which Rated DJs LTD offers its services on its domain and sub-domains.

If you continue to browse and use the services provided by Rated DJs you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions. Do not use or access our services if you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

The term “Rated DJs LTD", “Rated DJs”, "us" and “we" refers to Rated DJs LTD. The term “DJ”, “DJs” and “seller” refers to the DJ registered on Rated DJs website. The term “you", “buyer”, “booker” and “customer” refers to the user purchasing services advertised by a DJ.

The following terms and conditions apply to DJs registering on Rated DJs website. DJs must satisfy all points listed below before registering on Rated DJs website.

  • DJs must provide all customers with a contract before accepting any payment.

  • DJs are liable for their own time-keeping for all events.

  • DJs must provide current, complete and accurate information at all times.

  • DJs must have no current or previous history of criminal convictions.

  • DJs must have no current or previous history of county court judgments.

General rules
The buyer and seller are solely responsible for the content and information shared, displayed and communicated on Rated DJs website. Rated DJs reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the content posted in the public and private areas of the website.  Rated DJs reserves the right, but has no obligation, to remove any content that in its opinion violates any law.

General Data Protection Regulation

For customers trying to find a DJ:

Customers who require DJ quotes will need to complete the instant quote form which can be found on multiple pages across our website and here.


At the point of requesting a quote; first name, last name and contact number are the only personal fields we require from you. The other fields are only for the ‘event’ you’re hosting.

The information you complete in the instant quote form is accessible to DJs on our website. The information you provide in this form (and similar) is to help DJs decide whether or not to contact you. DJs who have contacted you from our website would’ve paid us £2 for your contact number. After a short period of time we remove your details from our public website. At this point your information is no longer accessible to DJs on our website.

If you would like to permanently delete your details from our website please inform us via the contact us form and we’ll happily to do this for you.

For registered DJs:

By creating a DJ profile you agree to store your content (such as photos) on our website. If you would like to turn off your DJ profile so it’s no longer visible to the public, simply login and click ‘Deactivate Account’ which can be found on the ‘My Account’ page once logged in.

If you would like to download your data,
simply login and click ‘Download Complete Profile’ which can be found on the ‘My Account’ page once logged in.

If you would like to permanently delete your details from our website, simply login and click ‘Delete Account’ which can be found on the ‘My Account’ page once logged in.

What is Rated DJs?

Rated DJs is a website connecting customers to DJs. DJs advertise their portfolio of work by creating a free DJ profile. Rated DJs bears no liability of the quality or service advertised and sold by DJs. Customers are not purchasing services from Rated DJs.

Who are The DJs?
The DJs on Rated DJs are to be considered trading as a sole trader, self employed or a company, none of which are related to Rated DJs LTD. DJs need some data to help them evaluate the costing of a gig. We may share some of your data with DJs to help them provide an accurate quote to perform at your event.


You must request a contract from the DJ before you make any payment. You are also advised to meet the DJ prior to the event. Customers who book a DJ can only pay the DJ outside of the website. All payments you make to the DJ, binds you to the DJs’ terms and conditions.

Imported Content
DJs must only import/upload content of which they are the rightful copyright owners. DJs must not upload or share content without seeking prior written consent from the copyright owner. DJs are liable for the content found on their profile.

Public Liability Insurance
In the interest of the booker, you are advised to book a DJ which offers public liability insurance. You must download and read through the DJs public liability insurance certificate which should be available on the DJs’ profile page. If the DJ hasn’t uploaded their public liability insurance certificate, you must request a copy before making any payments from you to the DJ.

How Do You Cancel a Booking
Please read through the DJs contract before you make any payment, please familiarise yourself with the DJs cancelation terms. Each DJ offers different terms and conditions so you are strongly advised to create a shortlist and spend some time reading through each contract.

In the unlikely event where there is a dispute you must contact the DJ immediately. Rated DJs has no control over the quality or service provided by the DJ. Should you or the DJ incur any damages we offer no compensation, payout or refund.

What Happens If The DJ Doesn’t Turn Up?
You are entering into a contract with the DJ; you must understand your legal rights before entering into a contract with the DJ. Before you make any payment to the DJ you must understand the DJs reimbursement policy regarding a ‘No Show’.


You must read through the DJs contract and raise any concerns you may have with the DJ before making any payments. Do not enter into a contract with a DJ who offers no liability on damages. You must only book a DJ who you feel in your best judgement is suitable for the event.

Your data
Rated DJs will not sell your data to any third party outside of this website. DJs who are interested in contacting you will pay Rated DJs a nominal fee of £2 for a customer’s contact number.

Limitation of Liability
Under no circumstances shall Rated DJs LTD be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use, the materials on Rated DJs website.

Who are the buyers and sellers?
The services advertised and sold by DJs are between the buyer (person or organisation with an event) and the seller (the DJ).

Is Rated DJs free?
Registration is free and available for DJs. Customers searching for a DJ do not need to register.

Rated DJs Logo
The use of our logo (Trademark No: UK3045185) is restricted and may not be copied, reproduced, or used by individuals or corporations without formal written permission from Rated DJs LTD.